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Week in Lab Week Two for 2010


Hello! I was a little reticent in last week’s posting about the lab. I think that reflected some of where I was at then. The first week is about establishing routines. Every year, the kids get cranky because I insist we review the rules, and wait to let them on the computers and Internet. Also, […]

Week in Lab: Truancy Edition


I want to apologize to my readers, who come here to check into what I’m doing in the lab with my students. I have obviously disappointed in that area in the last month or two. Forgive me, but the extremity of events that have befallen myself, and my school, have overtaken not just this blog, […]

Slowly, she emerges…


Well, I got through a week (albeit at 4 day one) with nary a sick day (yippee). I’m still not at 100%, and since it was a short week, the periods were shortened so I have less going on. Here are highlights: 1. Spreading the tech joy: All teachers at my site have–finally–document cameras and […]

How-to Make a Class Report Quickly and Easily


As happens in the run up to Winter Break, time takes on some very strange and elastic properties. While days once dragged on endlessly, they are now short. Or time is endless, but your students’ attention span is not. What I find happening with classes in my school is that as time winds down to […]

Week in the Lab: Giving Kids a Voice


This is a weird couple of weeks because we have parent conferences (with minimum days) backing up onto the Thanksgiving Holiday. My district is one of the few in the area that still has kids come in during Thanksgiving week, so there is this funny 2-day dog-leg of a week. The schedule is all mucked […]

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