Reflecting on Practice: I have a question


I had a brain fart about what’s going in my classroom looking back on the year. If I had something to improve on or do over this year, with this class, it would be to work with students on getting them to ask better question.

What do I mean by better questions? Where am I seeing problems? What could I do better? I think I have some answers…

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Avoiding a repeat of Pineapple-gate


A letter from a New Jersey Superintendent started making the rounds on Friday. The letter included the following:

  • An alert by the state department of education, late at night, that there had been a “test security” breach.
  • An inaccurate allegation by the state official that a picture of a test question had been posted on Twitter by the student.
  • A request that that the student be disciplined (suspended).
  • This involved input from the test publisher, Pearson.

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Threat escalation and whitewashing as silencers


Being a little older (and wiser) I sometimes think back to those days after 9-11, and before we invaded Iraq, and the stories that were told about the threat that was posed by Saddam, the axis of evil, etc., etc. With hindsight it’s easy to say, “What the heck!?!”

I’ve been having my own WTH moments lately on social media, so I thought I’d glue it all together in a single post. Hope it turns out better than this:

No More Sake

Please beware that the language at some of these links is not family or work friendly…

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Week in Class: Unit 3



We’ve finished up with our third unit in Language Arts, socials studies (ancient civilization), and Earth science. The original plan is here.

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State Council January 2015


I haven’t had a chance to post about State Council, which took place a few weekends back. It was a hectic, but business-filled weekend, and I’m proud of my work there. Read the rest of this entry »

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