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When something universal really isn’t


Sorry for the lack of posting. My family issues continue, but I’ve been doing a lot of planning (don’t worry, I got unit credit for it ūüėČ and felt the need to share this observation.¬†I’m working with a Pearson text that’s part of a supplemental adoption for English and Language Arts. This text has some […]

Richard Dawkins loses the argument, while Neil deGrasse Tyson persuades…


One of the questions that comes up with CCSS-ELA writing is, ¬†“What the heck is ‘argumentative’ writing, and is that just a new buzz-word for persuasive writing?” We’re assured that NO, it is not the same thing, and as with reading, will require that one sticks to the facts because (according to some)¬†no one cares […]

Reflecting on Common Core RL Standard 5


Analyze the structure of texts, including how specific sentences, paragraphs,¬†and larger portions of the text (e.g., a section, chapter, scene, or stanza)¬†relate to each other and the whole. –¬†Common Core ELA Anchor Standard 5 Critical Classrooms (Katie Lapham) has a lovely piece on the shortcomings of ReadyGEN Common Core curriculum. Basically, the text on Rachel […]

The WOW! factor of CCSS


One of my students this year has a propensity to use the sarcastic “WOW,” when they get news they don’t like (like, “You need to re-do this work”). This is not meant as a complaint about a student, after all they are twelve years old, and I did volunteer to teach this sarcasm-rich age cohort. […]

How to teach students to hate human rights (and other subjects)…


As a teacher “implementing” Common Core, I’ve enjoyed reading the Burkins and Yaris blog. Their writing is pretty accessible, and they are great at separating the wheat from the chaff with the standards. A recent post on their blog was pretty disheartening. Kim Yaris’ son had come home after a week of lessons on the […]

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