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The Twenty-First Edition of the ESL/EFL/ELD Blog Carnival


Welcome to the 21st edition of the ESL/EFL/ELD Blog Carnival! This one is full of celebratory goodness, and I promise there will be none of the nasty hangovers that plague some other celebration for getting up to 21. Let’s start of with a nice base of lessons and resources for you to deploy in your […]

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Join the Carnival!


A couple times a year, Larry Ferlazzo asks me to host his ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival, and I guess that I’m just a girl who can’t say no because I usually end up doing it. What is a blog carnival? A chance to share a blog post or other online piece by you  (or the work […]

Welcome to my blog


Hi, I’m Alice Mercer. Welcome to my blog, Reflections on Teaching. I teach in a computer lab at a Title 1, persistently failing, priority school that is undergoing a transformation model. You can find out more about me at,, and you can see a portfolio of my work at If you’re going to […]

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Ms. Mercer, I love your week in lab posts, but…


I like to think this blog is pretty ecclectic (although this may be self-delusion on my part). I’ve gotten positive responses to a variety of different posts over the last few weeks from ones where I blogged about brain science and the education of children in poverty (wow, that sounds way too passive — how […]

Moving on…


I’m moving my student blogs to edublogs campus, and changing the approach. Instead of doing blogs by “grade-level” I’ve set up the blogs to follow the students from one grade-level to the next. The blogs are titled for the year students will “leave” Oak Ridge Elementary for middle school. They are: Class of 2012 for […]

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