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You can’t wish it away


Simply, I believe all children can learn. I believe low-income children of color can learn when they have great teachers who believe in them, and treat them with the same passion, enthusiasm and intellectual rigor that they would treat their own children. And I believe in the skill and will of teachers, provided they are […]

Is this pimping, or pandering? You decide…


There has been an outbreak of “concern” about the safety of  “children” from adult predators, and those who “turn a blind eye” to such goings on. This comes naturally on the heels of the Penn State atrocities, and those at Miramonte Elementary, but I think there is more at work and this is part of […]

Just say no to RttT!


The following is a post written by local Sacramento parent and education activist Kate Lenox and appeared on the Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education blog: Restrictions on the Use of the Grant Mean the Money Can’t Help Restore Education Cuts The US Dept. of Education has released its rules for districts applying to receive […]

Thanks Met Life!


Recent release of the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, is great…if you’re a statistics student looking for a great example of a downward trend-line(1). If you’re a teacher however, it just confirms everything you knew, suspected, or are living. The results have many of our best and brightest looking into an earlier than expected retirement. I […]

Adding to my permanent record…


Recent feature on my former school site, featuring yours truly…  

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