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Classroom Update #3 for 2015: Math, math, math


I could share an earful about the return of benchmark testing (which was on hiatus with the switch-over to the SBAC) and how it’s making a mockery of recent calls by the President to limit testing, but I’d rather talk about my classroom and what’s going on. I’m going to focus on mathematics, and a […]

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Week 28 in Class: The YouTubes


This week’s share will be YouTube videos. YouTube videos can be a great source of short videos on topics that can help illuminate a larger topic you’re teaching. Here’s how I used them: Right now we’re finishing up a unit on music (Beyond the Notes in the Open Court reading series). YouTube is a great […]

Common Core Mathematics


This is in response to Mercedes Deutsch’s call for input from teachers on our experience with Common Core Mathematics

3 simple questions for Common Core mathematics standards…


In my last post, I said I would look at three questions about the new common core standards and how they play out for fifth grade in California: How do they compare with the current standards (with no assumption that the current standards are working–they aren’t); Are they too narrow, or too broad; Are they […]

Dan Meyer was right…


One change since I left the classroom is our district has adopted a new mathematics text, California Mathematics from Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. In just one week with the text, and already I’m complaining. The text in it’s ambition to be helpful, engaging and entertaining, is constantly focused on the non-pertinent, and telling kids what they should be […]

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