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Week in Class: Week 33 Primary Documents


Since we’ve finished with our Language Arts text for the year, I’ve been trying to implement a “replacement” unit for Common Core featuring closed readings. The examples modeled centered on short stories or poetry, but I’ve opted to use primary documents. One of the best resources I’ve found is an older compilation of “essential” speeches, […]

Week 28 in Class: The YouTubes


This week’s share will be YouTube videos. YouTube videos can be a great source of short videos on topics that can help illuminate a larger topic you’re teaching. Here’s how I used them: Right now we’re finishing up a unit on music (Beyond the Notes in the Open Court reading series). YouTube is a great […]

Fall CUE: Creating Movies to do English Language Development in ELs and Other Students


This presentation will take place Saturday October 27 at 1:30 pm at the Fall CUE conference (more info here) Thanks to my small but loyal group of participants.  I’ve updated the links to include those from a session that Cheryl Sawyer did earlier on Digital Storytelling. Links for Presentation: The Best Places Where Students Can […]

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Week 19: New Horizons


I’m trying to get back in a routine after being out of the classroom due to union business. In addition, I have gotten a student teacher in my classroom, so I’m trying to introduce and incorporate her into our classroom routines. I’ll start with the bad and the ugly. There is a point you hit […]

Week in Lab Week Seven 2010


I was supposed to be attending our site’s academic conference, but due to a shortage of substitutes to cover our classes, I couldn’t attend. I will say that I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from my peers about the program that I’m running, and how I’m supporting their work. Right now, I’m fighting off […]

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