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Reflections on Day Three at NECC 2009


This conference had a rough start, as I had problems with each of the sessions/events I attended. I’m happy to report that two of my favorite sessions occurred on the last day. Chris Lehmann on UBD NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | School 2.0: Progressive Pedagogy and 21st-Century Tools UbD21C – home Practical Theory Presenter: […]

Photos and Video from NECC


Pictures from NECC 2009: Photos others took that I favorited: EdubloggerCon photos: My tour of museums on the National Mall:

Reflections on Day Two at NECC 2009


The Great Debate Video: NECC 2009 Tuesday Keynote: Debate and Dialog | ISTE Connects – Educational Technology Video: Post Debate Interviews | ISTE Connects – Educational Technology Live Blog I participated in RESOLVED: Brick and mortar schools are detrimental to learning. This was not much of a “debate” since one of the guys who argued […]

Why did you come to NECC?


The tools When you are at NECC, sometimes you miss things that happen, and only catch them in passing from the comments of others. Comments about some tweets seem to be making the rounds and focus on the idea that this NECC just doesn’t have any new cool tools coming out of it. Since I’ve […]

Reflection on Day One of NECC 2009


My Live Blog (does not include Equity Summit) Digital Equity Summit NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | Digital Equity Summit My Tweets from Digital Equity Summit Given the fact that I teacher in a Title school, and make that an issue, I should be participating in this event but Equity Conference and I have not […]

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