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What’s going on behind the curtains in Sacramento City USD


News leaked out over the holiday week that locally our own Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) outside counsel Lozano and Smith principal, Lou Lozano, will be doing a presentation with school board member Darrel Woo, and outgoing Superintendent Jonathan Raymond sharing how they subverted seniority rights during rounds of massive layoffs in recent years. […]

A tale of two cities…


All eyes are on Chicago, and the record school closures taking place in that city. But this is a drama being played out in cities across the country, including my own, as “right-sizing”, the Broad way, takes over. By now, many would have (or should have) heard that in Chicago, the projected savings have disappeared (or didn’t exist in […]

Think nationally, act locally…


Image Source: Vermont by gothamschools, on Flickr In the aftermath of the Save Our Schools March, we now need to face which direction and what actions we will be taking in the future. My advice to the organizers was that much of the action is happening locally, and while reformers have a “national” plan and […]

School Board to Kids — Sorry that’s not our job! Go back to class and quit bugging us!


As you saw in this post, Thursday’s SCUSD Board meeting was a highly attended and highly emotional event, with dozens of students pleading with the board to remove the current administrative team at Hiram Johnson High School. Word has begun leaking out from the district administration and school board members that in spite of these […]

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SCUSD School Board Meeting – 3/3/2011


Re-posted from REALTeachers On Thursday March 3, the district presented and passed a “worst-case scenario” budget. It is a devastating budget, and the cuts are enormous. Here are some of the major points from it: Class-sizes increases 29 to 1 in primary grades 34 to 1 in intermediate elementary 36 to 1 in middle school […]

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