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Because Most Revolutions Start with a Manifesto…


Some of the really great conversations I and others had at NECC were about educational technology presentations and professional development. If we want to improve education, and teach others that these tools are the way to do that, we need to improve how we communicate with fellow teachers and administrators about these tools. There were […]

Pearson, Pearson, Pearson


Well, lots of talk about the presence of Pearson at EduBloggerCon (and elsewhere around Bloggers’ Cafe and the unconference). I don’t think I can get to it all, but here is a smattering: Brian Crosby: Which I’ll summarize as, “just cause you’re the world’s largest education publisher, does not mean I have to love you […]

NECC 2008 Reflections on Day Three


It was the final day, but after a night on the town, I was wiped out, and only took in two sessions. The first worked out beautifully, the second was not such a great fit. Session 10: Using Emerging Technologies to Create Collaborative Learning Environments Live Blog NECC Session Description This was the session where […]

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NECC 2008 Day Two Reflection


Session 7: 3,2,1 News in the classroom Live Blog NECC Session Description   This was one of the few lecture sessions that I attended, so it was noticeably less “hands on” that I was getting used to. They had a solid structure to their presentation, a narrative of how they started a live closed-circuit news […]

Can’t we all just get along?


Sigh, well I see I’m not the only one who noticed that some of us were a little more concerned about meeting people based on their technorati rating, rather than having a meaningful conversation. Lord knows, I was guilty of at least one OMG, vanity tweet during the conference (maybe there were more, but I […]

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