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Why other State Governors wanted Common Core (and why Texas probably doesn’t)


In WARNING: THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS MAY BE HARMFUL TO CHILDREN | Education News, a principal from Texas takes a look at the Common Core standards and concludes that they are developmentally inappropriate for K-5. She has some really great examples in primary, but I wanted to share this one for fifth grade: In most of […]

Common Core at Ground-level


In response to Don’t Be Snowed on the Complexity of Unwritten Common Core Assessments, I’ve pulled this post out of the dust-bin of “Drafts”… Many teachers at my site were scrambling to get more PD hours as the school year winds down, so we had a presentation from  a fellow teacher who is on the district’s […]

This emperor has no clothes…


In general, education policy in California is on a different trajectory than many other states. No less a personage than Diane Ravitch has lauded my governor, Jerry Brown. Even though the Obama administration foolishly over-looked Linda Darling-Hammond, our state superintendent has highlighted her work, and appointed her to the state credentialing commission. With the departure of […]

I have a question too…


About the time I turned 13, Prop 13 passed. Libraries and other crucial services were threatened with closure. When asked what this would mean for children, I can still remember Howard Jarvis’ response, “What do they need libraries for, they’re all illiterate anyway?” Now, my son will soon turn 13, and that meanness of spirit […]

State of Emergency: Looking Forward


View looking west from the Capitol  building IMG_4115 by V31S70, on Flickr The Mid-range We had some successes last week at the State of Emergency, but what is the long game? First up, will be getting an extension of revenues due to expire at the end of June.  In today’s budget revise, where the Governor […]

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