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Rotten to the CORE


The following piece was written by fellow Sacramento Teacher, Lori Jablonski and appears on The Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education Website: Few would argue that we need relief from the test-driven reform failure that is No Child Left Behind; unfortunately, the remedy that President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have provided states […]

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Why other State Governors wanted Common Core (and why Texas probably doesn’t)


In WARNING: THE COMMON CORE STANDARDS MAY BE HARMFUL TO CHILDREN | Education News, a principal from Texas takes a look at the Common Core standards and concludes that they are developmentally inappropriate for K-5. She has some really great examples in primary, but I wanted to share this one for fifth grade: In most of […]

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a sustainable education funding policy


This post was submitted as a response to Teachers’ Letters to Obama: It’s the depths of the Depression, and participants in a dance marathon are pitted against each other in a desperate race for prize money that is eventually revealed to be largely illusional. On realizing the hopelessness of both the contest, and her life, […]

RttT: Microblog version…


I recently responded to a request for a “Cliff’s Notes” version of RttT and offered the tweet below. Here it is, complete with citations: 1. create rube goldberg criteria, 2. designate schools to trash, 3. repeat next year. I’m living the dream!

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District Program Improvement Town Hall Meeting


Last week was completely insane schedule-wise, and an invitation early in the week to a district town hall meeting for schools in PI (program improvement under NCLB) was the maraschino cherry that tipped it well-past being merely ambitious into Bedlam land. I did volunteer for this, but afterward I have to wonder why? The meeting […]

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