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Blogging in Elementary


Background: This was a How and Why instead of a How-to session. It wasn’t here is how to set up and edublog, but instead here is how to plan for that, and here is your goal, and think about what to do to get there. The session itself: Here is the Google Doc Presentation: and […]

Tech in SES tutoring


Background: Why did I do this session? Well, at ILC some of the best attended sessions were one I did on Tech in ELD and one that came before my session on using Tech for intervention with IEP (special ed) and other low-performing students. The presenter worked for an ed consultant that works with PI […]

CUE 2009: Visuacy and Film Making for Podcasters


I’m putting these two together because, I don’t know, so don’t ask me. The presenters, Nick Pernisco, and Mathew Needleman know each other and often work together at conferences informally. Both of these presentations were about teaching students visual literacy, but for different purposes. First up, Visuacy, from Nick Pernisco which was a Bonus Session […]

CUE 2009: Closing Keynote with Peter H. Reynolds


Background: Peter H. Reynolds is a children’s author and artist, best known for works like “North Star”, “ish”, and “The Dot” which make the case for creative expression, and finding your own voice, or means of expression. My rough notes: This session was live-blogged via twitter, so here is what I sent: Peter reynolds giving […]

Quick post CUE check in


This is not a full blown reflection posts. I’ve had to spend most of the day getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. I will be writing a reflection post at some point in the next week. Until then, here is a link to my tweets from the conference (that was were I did […]

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