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This was a How and Why instead of a How-to session. It wasn’t here is how to set up and edublog, but instead here is how to plan for that, and here is your goal, and think about what to do to get there.

The session itself:

Here is the Google Doc Presentation:

and Audio:

First, I wanted to keep things balanced, so I put in links and examples from other platforms besides I was using Blog Talk Radio because I wanted to have Lisa Parisi call in for questions about Class Blogmeister, and didn’t want to rely on CUE’s internet connection (you can call in from a phone to Blog Talk Radio). That totally did not work, and although it recorded me, it drops the audio at the halfway point? Anyway, you get most of the session. There was a larger audience that at the morning (Gail Desler counted 17), so that felt good. I actually got butterflies as I was starting, which is not usual, but it was good once I got going. Gail said the audience seemed pretty engaged. I make a practice of NOT reading the feedback forms, which may be a mistake since I guess I won’t be able to look at them later, hmm, any experienced CUE presenters know about this?

Lessons Learned:

Hmm, don’t rely on Blog Talk Radio? I probably made a mistake. Maybe get more familiar with it? How about Skype next time, since I did get an internet connection? Not only did I flub that, I forgot to do a “prize” I had some supporter status edublogs to give out (thank you Sue Waters). I added a comment on the CUE ning asking folks to drop a comment and “win a prize” two folks left comments, but haven’t made further contact when I said what they had won. I feel like it was a good presentation, and I hit my points. It didn’t feel as strong as the morning session, but I think working with a partner really makes me push myself more. I was exhausted by the end of the session. I had taken a cat nap on the pool terrace, but I was DYING by the end of the session.


The CUE community forum page for my session

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“Blogging in Elementary”

  1. March 17th, 2009 at 10:22 pm      Reply Donelle Says:

    You did a fabulous job. Your enthusiasm for the topic was contagious. I liked seeing examples of your students blog posts, which gave me a feel for what type of prompts to have my students comment on. The resources you left on your page that accompanied the notes were great. I’ve been referring back to that page a few times now. I think that was a better way to launch the contest, since it forced participants to give commenting on a blog a try. Thanks again for the valuable information (and prize). 🙂

  2. March 18th, 2009 at 10:58 am      Reply alicemercer Says:

    Thank you Donelle! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Keep in touch about how the blogging is going. Remember, if you set comments to “moderate” you will be able to control what appears. Since this is a blog with adults writing, I have used another setting, which allows comments from people who have been approved once, to appear without moderation subsequently, SO…the next time you comment here, you comments should appear automatically. This keeps my moderation duties down, and respects the fact that you will be a responsible commenter. I only moderate here to keep the “splog/spam” traffic down.

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