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You get what you ask for…


So after my last post, someone on Twitter sent this response: @Larryferlazzo @alicemercer By PARCC Blueprints this % unacceptable. Reporting inaccurate or field tested items not reflecting final product — Dea Conrad-Curry (@doctordea) July 16, 2013   Basically, the teacher who are reporting on the New York State test may have seen so many questions […]

Why I will march, pt. 2 — Stop pushing me!


In my last post, I discussed the many factor that make the SOS March attractive and pull me towards this movement and event. Now for the things that are pushing me towards the march. The things I want to get away from as a both a parent and an education professional. How did I get […]

Why I will march, pt. 1 — Pull me!


Saturday July 30th, I will be heading out to the California Capitol building in a statement of solidarity with others about current education policy. It sounds like a small thing, since I only live about 2 miles away, but given the odds of it being a triple-digit temperature day (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), it will […]

Are these government workers overpaid?


The Huffington Post asked this question in a recent article. You have the usual commentary on how good teacher have it, pensions, vacations, etc. The other night as we were drifting off to sleep, I was musing with my husband about what I had “given up” being a teacher. Here are some figures: My salary […]

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The limits in “teaching like a champion”


Everyone seems to have fallen in “love” with techniques from Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion. Prior to reading this tome, I was none to crazy about Mr. Lemov (as you can see from my comments here). Now that I’ve started reading this book, I can’t say I’m impressed. First his techniques have been around […]

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