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To reduce SPAM and other unpleasant parts of life on the Web, the first time you comment, it will be held for moderation. All subsequent comments should appear automatically (subject to the vagaries of things like cookies, cache, and IP addresses).


I like the back and forth of dialogue, and will often reply to comments, time permitting. I try to use the “threaded reply” to keep my comments close to what I am commenting on.

Constructive input

I am a writer of strong opinions, and sometimes I attract the like in comments. I prefer a fruitful dialogue, and not comments that are   designed to attack or just muddy the issue being discussed. If you fall into that category, your commentary will cease to appear.

Vendors, Marketing, Products, and Services

We like free Web 2.0 services, and pay for some others. We like to share with fellow teachers. If you’re a vendor or publicist, don’t make this “guy’s” mistake, cause it makes you look like a heel. Leave a comment, talk about your product, but better yet, find a teacher who is using it to leave a comment.

You can contact me here.


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