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A tale of two cities…


All eyes are on Chicago, and the record school closures taking place in that city. But this is a drama being played out in cities across the country, including my own, as “right-sizing”, the Broad way, takes over. By now, many would have (or should have) heard that in Chicago, the projected savings have disappeared (or didn’t exist in […]

Adding to my permanent record…


Recent feature on my former school site, featuring yours truly…  

Follow up to Jonathan Alter post


In addition to my well-received post on the subject, I sent out a tweet a little late last night questioning the disconnect between rhetoric and policy. I’m going to suggest that teachers, like commenter Ashley, who are in schools under reform based on RttT and other current administration policies or policies they support, to […]

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For the children…


Thursday night’s school board meeting probably wasn’t what was anyone planned a month, week, or even a day before it happened. Even though the district seemed to know it would be a capacity crowd (a demonstration by the district-wide band, and renewal of charters–which always brings in supporters fearful of their school losing their location) […]



In a prior post, I shared an overview of what my site was planning for our reform efforts. This garnered some comment, including a whole post in Tom Hoffman’s Tuttle SVC blog, about how plans to use writing as the platform for our reform of student work was mis-aligned. I’d guess that most folks response […]

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