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Thanks Met Life!


Recent release of the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, is great…if you’re a statistics student looking for a great example of a downward trend-line(1). If you’re a teacher however, it just confirms everything you knew, suspected, or are living. The results have many of our best and brightest looking into an earlier than expected retirement. I […]

Adding to my permanent record…


Recent feature on my former school site, featuring yours truly…  

Score two for the forces against democracy


Since I’m in the middle of a school reform first-hand, I haven’t had time to keep up with all the edu-reformy news that’s been coming out at hyper-speed the last week. Just look up school reform on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog for a list of the latest and greatest posts. My big picture impression is truth […]

The Business of Education


The retail business model does not apply to schools It would seem to be pretty clear, even to someone who didn’t spend their first career at a Fortune 500 company as I did, that a lot of the reforms in education seem to be based around bringing “business” principals to teaching and learning. These ideas […]

Reform me!


For those of you who don’t know, the school I have been teaching at for the last three years is being reformed (posts on that here). I was asked to stay on as the computer lab teacher (the same position that I’ve had the last three years) by the new site administrator. So I am […]

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