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iOS vs. Android


I have recently been borrowing an iPad to assist with blogging at the ASCD conference.  In setting things up on the iPad, there are a couple surprise annoyances with the iOS system. First, everything that folks told me was great about the iPad and Apple devices is true. The graphics, brilliant; the layout of apps […]

Week in Lab Week Two for 2010


Hello! I was a little reticent in last week’s posting about the lab. I think that reflected some of where I was at then. The first week is about establishing routines. Every year, the kids get cranky because I insist we review the rules, and wait to let them on the computers and Internet. Also, […]

Why I haven’t posted much…


It is vacation after all… Photo credit:

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The New Units are Here!


I’ve spent the last two weekends nursing my cold, and occasionally planning for new grade level units (less time was spent on the later, trust me). Here is what I have planned: Second Grade – Fossils Another animal based unit. My planning for that unit can be found here. Below are what I’m giving the […]

Slowly, she emerges…


Well, I got through a week (albeit at 4 day one) with nary a sick day (yippee). I’m still not at 100%, and since it was a short week, the periods were shortened so I have less going on. Here are highlights: 1. Spreading the tech joy: All teachers at my site have–finally–document cameras and […]

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