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State of Emergency: Looking Forward


View looking west from the Capitol  building IMG_4115 by V31S70, on Flickr The Mid-range We had some successes last week at the State of Emergency, but what is the long game? First up, will be getting an extension of revenues due to expire at the end of June.  In today’s budget revise, where the Governor […]

Looking Back: Final Reflections on State of Emergency


It was a long, grueling week, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I want to look back at what happened and what we may have achieved. I think we need to keep in mind what we were told as this campaign started on Monday (which seems so long ago now), this is […]

What would make a teacher do that?


“It’s so sad that teachers have to go this far to get the attention of some lawmakers.” –David Sanchez, President of CTA Since I was at the State of Emergency held by CTA all week, I got to know some of the participants in Thursday’s sit-in. I thought I would share the story of one […]

California State of Emergency Day 5 Live Blog


California State of Emergency Day Five

California State of Emergency Day Four Reflections


Quote of the Day: D. Sanchez on GOP QEIA flim-flam “You can’t say you are saving education funding by taking away money from education funding. That’s subtraction, it’s a 2nd grade standard.” Our presence has had an effect, even though Republicans have tried to pretend it was “business as usual”. Today they responded, by sharing […]

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