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NCLB Twitter Chat


This discussion is part of the “On Background” show at PostTV Tweets about “#postback”

A tale of two cities…


All eyes are on Chicago, and the record school closures taking place in that city. But this is a drama being played out in cities across the country, including my own, as “right-sizing”, the Broad way, takes over. By now, many would have (or should have) heard that in Chicago, the projected savings have disappeared (or didn’t exist in […]

Twenty-Percent of garbage is still garbage


Recently, I had a chance to meet with the someone from another local/school district, that had opted to apply for a Race to the Top district grants. I asked what they were thinking of agreeing to having teachers evaluated by student test scores? The response, we already include test scores in teacher evaluations under our […]

Just say no to RttT!


The following is a post written by local Sacramento parent and education activist Kate Lenox and appeared on the Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education blog: Restrictions on the Use of the Grant Mean the Money Can’t Help Restore Education Cuts The US Dept. of Education has released its rules for districts applying to receive […]

Diane Ravitch visits Sacramento and Linda Darling-Hammond finds her voice…


This post is more a personal reflection of Diane Ravitch’s recent speaking engagement in my town and my own personal analysis. For a more comprehensive look at that event, look here. I’ll be adding more posts at over the next few days. These views are my own opinion, not the union’s, etc. Diane Ravitch was […]

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