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Is this pimping, or pandering? You decide…


There has been an outbreak of “concern” about the safety of  “children” from adult predators, and those who “turn a blind eye” to such goings on. This comes naturally on the heels of the Penn State atrocities, and those at Miramonte Elementary, but I think there is more at work and this is part of […]

Score two for the forces against democracy


Since I’m in the middle of a school reform first-hand, I haven’t had time to keep up with all the edu-reformy news that’s been coming out at hyper-speed the last week. Just look up school reform on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog for a list of the latest and greatest posts. My big picture impression is truth […]

Is the D.C. -> Sacto Connection about to become stronger?


All we know for certain is that there will be a new mayor in Washington, D.C. Everything after that seems to be conjecture. Will the District’s schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, be out and return to Sacramento, and her fiancee, Mayor Kevin Johnson? In fact, the only negative that I can see happening as a result […]

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Like Punching a Pinata…


This is ALL Jen Orr’s fault…Jen was visiting in the Sacramento area the other day. Over dinner after a dip in the pool, I asked her, “So Jen, I’m going to have some new folks looking at my blog because of Larry. As a reader, what do you enjoy reading on my blog?” Her vote, […]

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Revisting some old ideas, and tying it up in holiday ribbon…


It’s not too often that I find something that lets me revisit two very different posts, but here it is… I listened to a fascinating This American Life: Ruining it for the rest of us which had a great segment (number one) on what happened in San Diego when there was an outbreak of measles […]


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