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Only in New York City?


I know that many of us were looking forward to a winding down of controversy as various “reform-y” Superintendents/CEOs/Chancellors/EduCzars are being asked to leave, or are seeing the hand-writing on the wall, and taking the hint. Michelle Rhee was given her “walking papers” in D.C.’s recent mayoral election (and is sure to become a fixture […]

Is the D.C. -> Sacto Connection about to become stronger?


All we know for certain is that there will be a new mayor in Washington, D.C. Everything after that seems to be conjecture. Will the District’s schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, be out and return to Sacramento, and her fiancee, Mayor Kevin Johnson? In fact, the only negative that I can see happening as a result […]

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Like Punching a Pinata…


This is ALL Jen Orr’s fault…Jen was visiting in the Sacramento area the other day. Over dinner after a dip in the pool, I asked her, “So Jen, I’m going to have some new folks looking at my blog because of Larry. As a reader, what do you enjoy reading on my blog?” Her vote, […]

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