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No one expects the Spanish Inquisition…


As we ramp up to a Presidential election year, articles are coming out looking at the long term viability of the major political parties. As many know, our country has been undergoing a demographic change. We’ve seen this in the outcome of the last two presidential elections, where the last one ended with Republicans having […]

What’s new for NEA?


At last week’s NEA Representative Assembly, a new leadership team was elected that included Lily Eskelsen Garcia as president, Becky Pringle as Vice President, and Princess Moss as Treasurer. They are not the first women or women of color in these positions, but having all three positions filled by women of color is precedent setting. […]

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This is not good…


I’ve blogged about Michelle Rhee’s boyfriend, and now Sacramento mayor, Kevin Johnson, and his legal trouble with the feds…it looks like there may still be repercussions from the GAO investigation: Mayor’s status may imperil Sacramento’s federal stimulus funds, lawyer says – Sacramento News – Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee, which will leave […]

Revisting some old ideas, and tying it up in holiday ribbon…


It’s not too often that I find something that lets me revisit two very different posts, but here it is… I listened to a fascinating This American Life: Ruining it for the rest of us which had a great segment (number one) on what happened in San Diego when there was an outbreak of measles […]


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