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Background: This was a How and Why instead of a How-to session. It wasn’t here is how to set up and edublog, but instead here is how to plan for that, and here is your goal, and think about what to do to get there. The session itself: Here is the Google Doc Presentation: and […]

Reflections on Week Two


Due to the efficiency of most of my colleagues in getting students to return Internet Permission slips, most classes were in the computer lab this week. Last week was unusual because I was not in the lab. This week has had it’s own adjustments. The rhythm of relationships with students is a little different for […]

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What’s the “whole” point?


Pi Pie on Flickr! Nope, not something else about Web 2.0, technology in education, etc. just a simple observation about mathematics instruction in elementary schools in this country. One training I went to where the trainer described a Chinese educator’s consternation with America’s over-reliance on pies for fraction education (“too much round-food” was the quote). […]


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