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Pearson, Pearson, Pearson


Well, lots of talk about the presence of Pearson at EduBloggerCon (and elsewhere around Bloggers’ Cafe and the unconference). I don’t think I can get to it all, but here is a smattering: Brian Crosby: Which I’ll summarize as, “just cause you’re the world’s largest education publisher, does not mean I have to love you […]

Reflections on EduBloggerCon


Sorry for getting this up so late, but I got home late yesterday after EduBloggerCon, and a second night out on the river walk and, I was at Enchanted Springs ranch with DEN all day. I have been posting photos, and video on my tumblog. Repeating such a seminal event like EduBloggerCon always invites comparisons. […]

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Notes from EduBloggerCon


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