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Reflection on Day One of NECC 2009


My Live Blog (does not include Equity Summit) Digital Equity Summit NECC 2009 Attendees | Program | Digital Equity Summit My Tweets from Digital Equity Summit Given the fact that I teacher in a Title school, and make that an issue, I should be participating in this event but Equity Conference and I have not […]

Before and After…


Here is my response to the feedback I received on “Four Slides on Stock vs. Authentic Images”: New Old or this version: Version Two Version Three I want to thank the following commenters for their feedback: Tom Woodward at Bionic Teaching for suggesting the cake scenario. Mathew Needleman at Creating Lifelong Learners for suggesting keeping […]

Four Slides on Stock vs. Authentic Images


Well, I’ve posted up on Picking Up The Gauntlet at dy/dan and gotten no response. Perhaps folks really don’t want to weed though a 45-60 minute preso to see if my slides and audio go well together, so in the interest of getting feed back, here is a shorter bit: These slides all come from […]


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