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Reflections on SocialEdCon (formerly EduBloggerCon)


Photo Credit: 100_7643 by greatnews, on Flickr It’s been three years since I’ve attended ISTE (it was called NECC last time I came in D.C.), and three years since I attended an EduBloggerCon (now renamed SocialEdCon to reflect how the medium is moving beyond blogs). Fortunately, I live in California near Steve Hargadon (who does much […]

My Presentation(s) at CUE


Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend, I’ve been busy preparing for my session(s) at CUE which is starting this Thursday (and EdubloggerCon West which I will miss, is on Wednesday). For those of you going, or just interested, here they are (click links for materials, etc.): Using Technology Effectively with RTI @ the Diverse Learners […]

Photos and Video from NECC


Pictures from NECC 2009: Photos others took that I favorited: EdubloggerCon photos: My tour of museums on the National Mall:

EdubloggerCon at NECC Live Blog


EdubloggerCon @ NECC


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