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CUE 2010 Recap: My presentations


Using Technology Effectively for RTI Below is video from the presentation: Takeaways: I know I did not cover everything as well as I could have, after I saw what Adina Sullivan, and Mathew Needleman did on interventions, but I think I covered the adult/paperwork part of RTI pretty well. You can judge for yourself. One […]

Recap of Sessions I Saw at CUE 2010


Adina Sullivan Adina’s presentation was basically about using images to help with language development with vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Adina’s presentation was great, and I learned about more than a few activities to incorporate into my classroom. My only regrets? Not getting her agreement to let me tape her, so I can share it with […]

My Presentation(s) at CUE


Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend, I’ve been busy preparing for my session(s) at CUE which is starting this Thursday (and EdubloggerCon West which I will miss, is on Wednesday). For those of you going, or just interested, here they are (click links for materials, etc.): Using Technology Effectively with RTI @ the Diverse Learners […]


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