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Live from ISTE 2012


I will be covering ISTE 2012 via Twitter, my feed should show up below. Reflection posts should go up daily. My photos from ISTE 2012 Links Final Reflections on ISTE 2012 My post on ISTE Day Two My post on ISTE Day 1 My post on ISTE Opening Keynote featuring Sir Ken Robinson Reflections on […]

May 12, 2010 Tweet and Blog for Ed Tech


ISTE is asking bloggers, like myself, to share the word about keeping funding for ed tech in the federal education budget. Here is what is happening… As part of the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (which became known as NCLB — No Child Left Behind), the current administration is proposing the direct […]

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Recap of Sessions I Saw at CUE 2010


Adina Sullivan Adina’s presentation was basically about using images to help with language development with vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Adina’s presentation was great, and I learned about more than a few activities to incorporate into my classroom. My only regrets? Not getting her agreement to let me tape her, so I can share it with […]

Why Accordion?


During our recent travels, I was listening to a track off the new Bob Dylan Christmas cd on a podcast, which is so incredibly bad I’m not going to link to it (sorry to all those Dylan fans out there). It was like polka-punk, only not as well executed as Polkacide or Gogol Bordello. So […]

Reflecting on a non-Ed Tech Conference


I have talked about the power of networking and sharing remote events synchronously around my house a lot. So much so that, while I was back in D.C. my husband “booked” me to set up live blogging for an event his workplace was helping to sponsor. This meant I had the unique experience of going […]


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