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Week 12 2012


Hmm, where to start? How about with writing! I’ve been doing a bit with that getting ready for an all day training on Monday on Common Core (more on that later). Here are some things that I’ve been doing lately: Having students work with questions they themselves have generated; Having students work on single paragraph […]

You can’t wish it away


Simply, I believe all children can learn. I believe low-income children of color can learn when they have great teachers who believe in them, and treat them with the same passion, enthusiasm and intellectual rigor that they would treat their own children. And I believe in the skill and will of teachers, provided they are […]

Moving on…


I’m moving my student blogs to edublogs campus, and changing the approach. Instead of doing blogs by “grade-level” I’ve set up the blogs to follow the students from one grade-level to the next. The blogs are titled for the year students will “leave” Oak Ridge Elementary for middle school. They are: Class of 2012 for […]

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