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Week in Class Week One 2014


Due to family concerns, I’ve not been able to do as much writing as I would have liked in August, but I did want to share about my great first week of teaching.

Week in Lab Week One for 2010


The start of school. Where the rubber meets the road. Where all our “neat” little plans play out with real children and other human beings, and not just in the perfect classroom we create in our head. First, some truly excellent news that I got just before the start of school. My Donor’s Choose grant […]

Week in Lab Start of School Unit Preview


Overview I’m going to elaborate a bit here, since I may have a number of new readers seeing this. My approach to running the computer lab and the technology prepĀ  is to try to support what students are learning in the classroom with activities in the lab. I usually design my units around the Open […]

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Moving on…


I’m moving my student blogs to edublogs campus, and changing the approach. Instead of doing blogs by “grade-level” I’ve set up the blogs to follow the students from one grade-level to the next. The blogs are titled for the year students will “leave” Oak Ridge Elementary for middle school. They are: Class of 2012 for […]

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