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You can’t wish it away


Simply, I believe all children can learn. I believe low-income children of color can learn when they have great teachers who believe in them, and treat them with the same passion, enthusiasm and intellectual rigor that they would treat their own children. And I believe in the skill and will of teachers, provided they are […]

Reflections on Day Two at the ASCD Conference


Overall, it was  a hectic day, with three sessions that I attended and blogged,  and a couple hours of live streaming conversations with various folks including Larry Ferlazzo, Bill Ferriter, and David Cohen. The conversations were great, and I’ll just point folks to the videos on UStream and my live blog. My take-away, when even […]

Hmm, hey wasn’t this obvious to everyone else?


I’m not going to even bother commenting on the Council for Great City Schools’ recent report on black males in urban schools when Renee Moore and Jose Vilson have done such a masterful job at this. Sorry, Jose, it’s ladies first, as Ms. Moore had her article up first: TeachMoore: News To Some; Blues To […]

No Excuses for Drain Bamage


I was going to write a lot more when I did this post, but I got sidetracked by something I read here in the Bracey Report 2009. I was arrested while reading the account of a child who died for want of dental care, but it was the following paragraphs that left me both breathless, […]

Why am I the only white person in the room?


At a social event in the last year that I attended with other educators in my district I had an interesting discussion about education and what African-American male students need. A school psychologist said, “If I had my dream, I’d build a school just for African American boys.” She said this out of fondness and […]

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