Human Rights lesson done right…


So way back, in the dim mist of time (before winter break), I finished a unit on human rights loosely based on an idea from a really poorly executed unit that I first heard about here. The unit had students reading the novel Esperanza Rising, while looking at her life through the lens of a legal document, the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On the whole, the unit worked very well, and the students enjoyed it a lot. Some observations: Read the rest of this entry »

Week 20-24: Where did the hours go?


Waste less EARTH do less homework[Day270]*

So between a week up at Sly Park in the Sierra, parent conferences, and the craziness brought on my an early spring in California, I have become a very poor correspondent about goings on in my classroom. This is the time (before spring break) when it can become a grind, for the kids, and for me. Time goes both fast (look at how these posts have gotten away from me) and s-l-o-w, stretching everyone’s patience. It’s probably the time to change things up, but given a super-busy outside of school schedule I have, that hasn’t happened. What are the kids doing? Read the rest of this entry »

Week in Class: Weeks 13-20 the Lost Files


Hidden Message in Credit Card
I have been a super-bad correspondent since winter break started over a month ago. For this I will apologize. Writing about what I am actually doing in my class is important, and not just for the handful of readers perusing my blog. It’s important for me to think honestly about my practices, and to try to do better. What was I doing?

  1. I had a major bought of nesting around my home, putting in a nook, reorganizing my study and kitchen, canning marmalade (not so successful, but still lots of fun).
  2. I relaxed, I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve been spending time with family, watching Netflix, and reading novels. For the first time, my husband took off all Thanksgiving week, and two weeks at Christmas to spend so we were ALL together for a break.
  3. I’ve been working with colleagues at my work discussing what we’re doing with Common Core and in our classrooms more generally.

My time has not been wasted, but I’m overdue to get back on the blogging habit, so…here I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Week in Class: Week Twelve 2013 – What’s the Question?


06/11/18 12:47:15 BEIJING
My previous post looked at a badly done task via Common Core. To cleanse my palate and focus on the positive, I’d like to share some of the questions that I’ve heard and asked, in my classroom as part of formative assessment. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes more is really less


Sample Items | Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

The item above comes from a sample item on the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) website, and it’s supposed to assess the writing  of an argument (what used to be called persuasive writing). Click on the image to get a larger view to read the task.
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