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EETT, turning the corner?


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of rushing from doing a small group administration of STAR testing to…my state Capitol, to testify on behalf of keeping EETT ARRA funding my state received for education technology in the classroom, and formula grants to districts. For the first time, it looks like the there is movement in a […]

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EETT, where art thou?


Background: On Thursday, the California State Senate Budget Subcommittee #1 on Education held a hearing that discussed the EETT ARRA money the state has received, but not spent. This was not an “action” item, but simply held for informational purposes. It’s a pain to view the hearing because there is NO fast forward and the […]

As the EETT ARRA Funding Turns…


I know, another episode, and still reason is being overrun by, I’m not quite sure what, but your help is needed. Here is how things stand… The Assembly Subcommittee #2 on school finance will have a hearing next Tuesday, April 27 on the matter. At the pre-hearing meeting yesterday, members still seemed to feel they […]

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Let’s put the “fun” back into dysfunctional!


I’m not much for the California is a failed state theory, but the place is pretty dysfunctional politically, and I had more proof recently. To my public school/district readers, what has your state done with their EETT Stimulus money? Okay, now raise your hands if your state hasn’t spent any of your ARRA EETT money. […]


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