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Classroom Update #2 for 2015


Since I’m not anywhere close to writing these updates on a weekly basis, I’m not going to label them that way for this year. I’m instead going to concentrate on writing for you my dear readers, when I can, and let the posts fall where they may.

It’s all about the exit strategy…


Three guys decide to play a round of golf: a priest, a psychologist, and an economist. They get behind a *very* slow two-some, who, despite a caddy, are taking all day to line up their shots and four-putting every green, and so on. By the 8th hole, the three men are complaining loudly about the […]

Week in Lab #12: A little late…


It was a really hectic week both at school (first full day, full week in a while), and after school for me, and I added doing a 10 mile bike trek with my son’s boy scout troop to my weekend mix. Needless to say, I didn’t get around to reflecting on my week until now. […]


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