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Droid me


Warning, this post is TOTALLY geeked out, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. I like to think that I’m a platform skeptic, but so often the choices we make about a piece of technology have little to do with the piece of equipment itself, and more about ancillary issues, or perception. I hope I […]

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Film on the Fly Entry for Pi Day


Here was my entry to Film on the Fly Pi Day: Others can be found at:

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Yippeee! I’m mobi-fied


I was working on a mobile site for the upcoming CUE conference largely for my own use, when I contacted Mark Wagner (since he has an iPhone) and asked his opinion, and he pointed me towards Mike Lawrence, the head of CUE. Apparently their plans for a mobile site had fallen through, so with some […]

My new precious…


I began to realize that my old mobile phone (limited to texting, and calling, 0-9 keyboard, no camera, no MP3) was not hacking it in the last 6 months. I began to look longingly at mobile PDAs, etc. I also hated going out to a fun and photograph worthy event with son, and having this […]

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