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What Autism Means in My Family


It’s Autism Awareness Week. Just so you’re aware, I have autism in my family.

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“Anything has to be better than this…”


From the discussion on Diane Ravtich’s blog on “reforms” to special education compliance… putkidzfirst Diane, I’m a sped teacher who believes the focus on compliance is insane. I spend my days doing paperwork to meet compliance mandates while my paraprofessional works with kids in small groups. At least once a week, I’m at school for […]

This time…it’s personal


Dear Melody Musgrove, I’ve read with alarm plans to have the OSEP  change their approach to compliance with IDEA to emphasize test score monitoring, and cutting back on state compliance officers. As the parent of a child with an IEP, I have many concerns about this approach, and feel it would not meet my child’s needs […] set to gut IDEA/IEP Compliance…


From Diane Ravitch: …DoEd will reform (translation: eliminate) OSEP’s compliance procedures assuring IDEA and special education IEPs are effectively working for children with disabilities. OSEP director Melodie Musgrove told us at the Council for Exceptional Children’s international convention (CEC) in April, 2012 that they will be monitoring “achievement data” (translation: standardized test scores) from Washington […]

Stupid ESL and Special Ed Tricks…


It started with a “tweet” from Deven Black, where he lamented about a student placement. I convinced him to blog about it for the upcoming ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival. Here’s the story in Vice Versa « Education On The Plate: When she arrived from Ecuador two years ago, Juanita, who barely spoke ten words of English, was […]


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