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In August, Scott had this post…Dangerously Irrelevant: Not so thrilling? That post that got me started thinking about Human Rights Day. It’s coming up on December 10th, so let’s plan now. Why? Well, lets look:

Wes is concerned about human rights, Value of blogs and citizen journalism demonstrated in Myanmar » Moving at the Speed of Creativity, but I say we can be more than citizen journalists, we can be world citizens and citizen advocates. Why?

Model Curriculum for Human Rights and Genocide – Free Downloads (CA Dept of Education), it’s a state standard!

Look, at more people concerned about human rights, incorporated subversion – education, media, community » Blog Archive » Well worth watching And James says he tries to stay out of politics, but look at this: incorporated subversion – education, media, community » Blog Archive » Free Burma

So, I made this, Pageflakes – Human Rights Day, to support educators teaching about Human Rights Day. Join me please. There are resources for educators, and links to information.

Here the battle plan:

  1. Tag posts, links, etc. with humanrightsday2007
  2. Does your state have a standard to teach about human rights, mine does, and yours might too! Look in the Social Studies standards, if students are supposed to learn about basic rights, this is part of that. Scott McLeod, if you could link to this post, and ask readers to send info on standards to me, it would be appreciated. I’m asking Doug Noon to link and share the philosophical support for teaching kids about human rights (social justice curriculum). Anyone else who can chime in on this, you’re welcome!
  3. Do you have students who are refugees? You may want to be careful about how they participate in this endeavor. If they are willing to share stories, they can be a resource to teach others, but they may have trauma issues, and if you do any of the letter writing activities you’ll have to be careful about having them participate. I’m asking Larry Ferlazzo to post in his blog about this and ask his community to share any stories from refugees that can be shared.
  4. Let people know about the project. I’m asking Brian CrosbyWes Fryer and James Farmer to give some link love about this.
  5. Everyone else, think about how you want to try to teach this. You don’t have to limit yourself to December 10th, and if you can’t get it together by then, don’t let the calendar dictate to you, do it later. As the shoe ad says, Just do it!
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“Human Rights Day!”

  1. November 13th, 2007 at 9:43 pm      Reply Doug Noon Says:

    A worthwhile project. Thank you.


  1. Planning for Human Rights Day Participation: Dec 10th » Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  2. Classroom Displays » Classroom Displays for International Human Rights Day

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