Reflecting on the Bush II Years


It’s time for me to reflect on the, thankfully, outgoing administration. If you don’t like my politics post, I’d suggest skipping this one.

My favorite (unintentional) visual commentary on NCLB:

NCinDC’s Photostream on Flickr

My favorite commentary on the Iraq War based on spin from the same folks that brought us the “Texas Miracle“:

My favorite commentary on this whole sorry presidency and the electoral lunacy that allowed it to take place Here’s to the end of false dichotomies like, phonics vs. whole language, and psuedo-science that passes for reading programs:

Dh (dear husband) commented that Ed Rollins was saying complimentary things about Obama. Now, I’m sure this could have been because of this an innate respect for authority and the position of president that some conservatives (not all) have, but I smirked and asked if he was looking for some job security. Dh then related this piece from WaPo on the difficulties faced by newly out-of-work Bush appointees in D.C. finding work. I’ll just leave them with the words of ColdPlay:

Really, the lyrics fit in every way but one, none of these sorry SOBs are capable of that much self-reflection.

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