Pink Slip Season Starts…


…with this tweet from Dan Meyer announcing he’s been laid off, RIFed, pink slipped, axed, etc.

…and this response from Will Richardson, which strikes me as funny/sweet given the riding Dan’s given him in the past:

Notices will be going out in my district in the next few weeks, and based on the rumors, there will be four to five of our 20 teacher given notice. Folks outside California are bemoaning how someone as obviously talented as Dan could be let go of. Let me just share that some of the teachers being let go at my site are of similar caliber. We may have a budget in California, but thanks to Republican’s insistence on “no nude texans”, big cuts are on the way.  Here is what I know so far

  • We will have to reduce our 2008-09 general fund budget by $9.4 million.- SCUSD Superintendent Susan Miller
  • Stimulus projection shows us getting $17M in Title 1 + $12M in IDEA – CBO
    since that’s categorical, they still may be having serious issues in the non-Title 1/IDEA part of the budget, or they’ll lay folks off, then rescind it in August, pissing everyone off.
  • Talks with a co-worker who is active in our union, involve class-size in K, ninth, or third up to 25, 240 teachers laid off, and this WITH COLA freezes, and salary rollbacks. Health care is apparently killing the budget and is a big sticking point.

As Dan suggests, it’s a good time to hug your local untenured teacher.

And I’ll leave you with these, just to cheer you up:

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