Like Punching a Pinata…


Piñata Swing

This is ALL Jen Orr’s fault…Jen was visiting in the Sacramento area the other day. Over dinner after a dip in the pool, I asked her, “So Jen, I’m going to have some new folks looking at my blog because of Larry. As a reader, what do you enjoy reading on my blog?” Her vote, politics! The subject of this post is one that I’ve gone to many times before, but really for an edublogger, Michelle Rhee is like the gift that keeps on giving!
Couple stories came out on WaPo about Rhee in the last week. This one about D.C. non-teachers getting evaluated based in part on student test scores at their site (via the now much reviled IMPACT system), was making the rounds. I noticed in the DC Insider sidebar a story titled Michelle Rhee, first year teacher. Such an innocuous little title, no? I’ll let you read the story in it’s full glory without commentary because this is one of those rare occasions where any thing I might say would be superfluous.

Photo Credit: Pinata Swing from the The Adventures of Kristin & Adam photostream on Flickr photosharing

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“Like Punching a Pinata…”

  1. January 25th, 2011 at 6:50 pm      Reply Kristin and Adam Says:

    Thanks for the photo credit.

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