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Week in the Lab: Giving Kids a Voice


This is a weird couple of weeks because we have parent conferences (with minimum days) backing up onto the Thanksgiving Holiday. My district is one of the few in the area that still has kids come in during Thanksgiving week, so there is this funny 2-day dog-leg of a week. The schedule is all mucked […]

Week in Lab: Success, Failure, and the Lessons Learned


As I’m starting new units, one of them has offered examples of both success and failure, and some lessons for me. This isn’t one of those big “ah ha’s” but one of those smaller moments of enlightenment that make up the day-to-day practice of teaching, and improving that practice. The unit is on Astronomy which […]

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Week in Lab: Catch-up edition


Between a bought with a cold and new units to set up at work, I’ve gotten behind in my posting, and for this I apologize. Lot’s of interesting things are taking place. Self-Control Unit for upper grade I will come back to this unit over time between other units.  The latest thing I was doing […]


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