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You get what you ask for…


So after my last post, someone on Twitter sent this response: @Larryferlazzo @alicemercer By PARCC Blueprints this % unacceptable. Reporting inaccurate or field tested items not reflecting final product — Dea Conrad-Curry (@doctordea) July 16, 2013   Basically, the teacher who are reporting on the New York State test may have seen so many questions […]

Things I don’t get about Common Core ELA


PTA has posted guides for parents to Common Core. The guides are nicely done, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around something I see in the Sixth Grade standards. This is the first item listed on the guide: Analyzing how chapters of a book, scenes of a play, or stanzas of a poem […]

I’ll get something written up for you


I’ve been doing a lot with short constructed writing response. Part of this is due to trainings I’m going to on Common Core for my district. The standards emphasize a written response that sites cites the information from the text the question is based on. I’m not in love with the standards, but feel I can live […]

Week 11 2012


I know, I know, I’m not being a good correspondent. The end of a busy election season, was followed by exhaustion, and preparation for report cards and parent conferences, which had a week for Thanksgiving plopped in the middle. But the wait is worth it readers (or at least I think so).

Fall CUE: Take a Peek at the New SBAC/CCSS Computer-Based Assessments


This presentation will take place Friday at 2:30 p.m. More information can be found here. This was an intimate presentation, but it was a great discussion. I really appreciate the participants candor and willingness to share their thoughts. I’ve added some more links below. Links for Presentation SBAC – Alice Mercer on Diigo Education Week: Adaptive Testing Evolves […]

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