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Asking the wrong questions of technology…


There has been a huge roll-out of technology with the advent of SBAC testing in California (and elsewhere in the country with CCSS testing in all forms). But is this really making education better? Is it making our kids better? Or is it like using Robbie shown above, good for little beyond holding the pretty […]

Week in Class Week 31: Is WYSWIG?


This was the second week back from Spring Break. I didn’t write after the first week (Week 30) because as things were “sub-optimal” that week, and I really wasn’t in the mood to voluntarily call up memories of what had happened, let alone reflect on it. This week started off much better. How much better? […]

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Fall CUE: Take a Peek at the New SBAC/CCSS Computer-Based Assessments


This presentation will take place Friday at 2:30 p.m. More information can be found here. This was an intimate presentation, but it was a great discussion. I really appreciate the participants candor and willingness to share their thoughts. I’ve added some more links below. Links for Presentation SBAC – Alice Mercer on Diigo Education Week: Adaptive Testing Evolves […]

Behind the curtain at Diane Ravitch in Sacramento


This post is more a personal behind the scenes reflection of Diane Ravitch’s recent speaking engagement in my town. For a more comprehensive look at that event, look here. I’ll be adding more posts at over the next few days. Part of mi vida loca lately has been taking over social media duties for my union local. […]

Curriculum and Instruction 489


Thanks for letting me chat with your class tonight. Lots of great questions. I’m sorry I was under the weather and unable to stay long. If you have further questions, please send me a comment below. Also, it would be a great help is you share with me resources or approaches that have or have […]

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