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Reflections on Fall CUE in Napa, California


Overall, I really like this conference. It was only a one hour drive. I stayed overnight and brought the family, and had fun going out with them the next day. One day is a nice length, but there was enough time to socialize too. I hear that CUE will return next year. If so, I’m […]

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Curriculum and Instruction 489


Thanks for letting me chat with your class tonight. Lots of great questions. I’m sorry I was under the weather and unable to stay long. If you have further questions, please send me a comment below. Also, it would be a great help is you share with me resources or approaches that have or have […]

New post up at ISTE Connects


I did a guest blog piece on ISTE about what I found to be a more fruitful way to expand my network than sitting in the Bloggers Cafe (a lovely place, btw) and wait for a “talent scout” or “famous” edublogger to notice me typing furiously… Expanding your network


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