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Week in Lab for Week Four 2010


This week was all about striking balance. The bad news? The classes were loud! The good news? Most of the discussions centered on the lesson. This was only a problem because their discussions led them to miss instructions, other parts of the videos they needed to see, etc. It’s all about making sure I have […]

Edublogs Live Session


I have been super bad about giving “prior” notice about the Edublogs Live Sessions I’ve been doing. The good news: I’ll be assisting on a sessoin where Larry Ferlazzo gets his Facebook page “pimped” up on Sunday at 5 p.m. Pacific Time (click here for more time options). The bad news? I’ve already done a […]

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It’s a Winner!


And the winners of The Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition are | The Edublogger and they include this post I did on Using threaded comments to build a writing community in your classroom | Reflections on Teaching. I also did this post, More than words… | Reflections on Teaching, about using images, which Sue mentioned was […]

Using threaded comments to build a writing community in your classroom


Since the recent changes in service at many of us have been looking at how this changes how we use these blogs with our students. Much of the discussion has focused on the more unpleasant aspects, the ads, the cost of getting rid of them (especially in these trying budgetary times), etc. the focus […]

RSS Reader Summer Cleaning


I’m pruning my reader list and adding a lot of new feeds after NECC. First, if I met you at NECC, and I could locate a blog you wrote on semi-regularly, I’ve added it to my feed. I’ve taken out feeds that have been moribund (no posts for over a month, and sporadically before that). […]

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