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Week in Lab Week Three for 2010


3 Mosaic originally uploaded to Flickr by Leo Reynolds This week did not have a promising start. When last I posted, I was prepped, rested, and ready for the new school week. After leaving from a very nice party on Saturday at a neighbors’ home, I discovered that one of my sister’s sons had brought […]

What’s Happening in the Lab Week Seven


This week, at Larry Ferlazzo’s prompting, I did lessons on self-control with my upper-grade students (fourth through sixth or age 9 – 12). Lesson One: I started off by recreating the Mischel “Marshmallow” experiment. I told students that I would give them three skittles or M & Ms,  and that if they didn’t eat any […]

Is your brain grass or a glass?


Larry Ferlazzo did a post on an interesting lesson he did with his students to get them to think about their own brains. He wrote about it here, noting that many of his lowest students felt they were just “stupid”. I had done a similar lesson with one fourth grade class today, and shared this […]


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