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This emperor has no clothes…


In general, education policy in California is on a different trajectory than many other states. No less a personage than Diane Ravitch has lauded my governor, Jerry Brown. Even though the Obama administration foolishly over-looked Linda Darling-Hammond, our state superintendent has highlighted her work, and appointed her to the state credentialing commission. With the departure of […]

Behind the curtain at Diane Ravitch in Sacramento


This post is more a personal behind the scenes reflection of Diane Ravitch’s recent speaking engagement in my town. For a more comprehensive look at that event, look here. I’ll be adding more posts at over the next few days. Part of mi vida loca lately has been taking over social media duties for my union local. […]

Render unto Caesar…


I’m not a Christian, but like many concerned with social justice issues, I find the Bible, especially the New Testament books related to the life of Jesus, an invaluable resource for handy quotes, and aphorisms. Render unto Caesar is one of my favorite quotes when dealing with demanding bureaucracies/bureaucrats,  Kafkaesque requirements, or any of the […]

Why Unions for teachers?


This post supports a larger Teacher Blog Action Day on Why teachers like us (good ones) support unions My support for my union is based on many experiences; my own experiences teaching, my experiences at other jobs in other professions, the working experience of relatives. Most especially, it’s those experiences as women in the workplace […]

What’s up Wisconsin?


Behind some silver-linings, there is some rain, lol. The nice weather has brought about an early bout with spring allergies this season, and I’ve been fighting off getting a secondary infection as part of my holiday “revels”. With all the education and labor issues this week brought to us by the state of Wisconsin (go […]

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