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My Kid and Our Kids


Recent news has focused on the educational choices that those on both sides of the education reform debate have made with their own kids. My first discomfort with this is the disclosure of the actual schools these children are attending. Given the high profile of both these ladies, and the animus they generate, as a teacher I worry […]

Hmm, that’s one way to look at it…


“All too often, supporters and opponents of charter schools claim that bad charter schools don’t close,” said Jeanne Allen, president of The Center for Education Reform. “The truth is charter schools that don’t measure up are closing at a rate of 15 percent. Regrettably, the same can’t be said for traditional public schools.” — from […]

An object lesson: why governance issues around charters can be critical


Last month I got a flurry of messages with links from Larry Ferlazzo about our mayor, Kevin Johnson, and his fiance, Michelle Rhee. That’s Larry’s subtle way of saying, “Hey Alice, why don’t you write a post on this?” I didn’t bite because now the story is getting big enough that other education bloggers are […]


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